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Newsletter April 2022

Club Night

We had an excellent Club night at our new location The Foresters Arms, 173 London Road, Bagshot, GU19 5DH at the beginning of March. The location suits us well with a decent amount of parking to wander amongst the TR’s and exclusive use of the function room for our meetings. So the next club night will be on 05 April at The Foresters from 7:30p.m. We hope as many of you as possible will come as we have a lot to discuss as you will see in the following paras.

Those who had their meal in the function room prior to the commencement of the meeting allowed sufficient time for things to be cleared away before for the start. That is good as it did not impede the meeting and I hope we will be able to continue this theme. Please also be aware that Tuesdays is steak night where you need to pre-order with steak and chips for 2 plus a bottle of red wine for £25.00.

TR Register Floats New 5 Year Strategy at GL Meeting

I attended the TR Register meeting at Gaydon on 13 Mar where a new 5 year strategy was presented. This has not been agreed for implementation by the Management Team as clearly they would want to know that members are generally in agreement with what is being proposed. To that end I will be giving a short presentation during the course of the evening and asking for feedback. Also I hope folk will e-mail and contact me with added comments and suggestions. As you can see in the picture below attendance at the meeting was not great.

Group Leaders Meeting Gaydon

Events Undertaken

27 Feb – Those who attended had a great day out on our Beating the Bounds run. The weather was glorious and most cars had their tops down. There was certainly a lot of traffic on the road as everyone seemed to be enjoying this early touch of spring. We finished up having a really nice pub lunch where we were able chat about forthcoming events – well done Graham.

Notable Planned Events

I will only list certain events by exception where a focus is needed. For a full events list see –

02 Apr – We will be doing a Fish and Chip run see which is being organised by Terry and Helen. We have 11 cars and 23 registered to come along so it looks to be a promising afternoon out. Please note that this event is on Saturday 02 Apr (some folk thought it was the next day which we have clarified separately).

24 Apr – Drive it Day and is a delayed 50th anniversary celebration of the Register formation with a meeting at Chatham Dockyard. See We currently have 22 registered to attend in 11 cars. You still have time to come and join us so register through the aforementioned link if you want to come.

3 – 4 May – TS2 visits WFTR on its round Britain trip where it will spend 3 days with each Group. Cliff has kindly volunteered to spearhead this high profile event assisted by Barry. The plan is to collect the car on 03 May and undertake some photo shoots with it being displayed at the Meadows shopping centre Camberley for part of 04 May. Cliff is intending to oversee those who want to drive this historic car from his house where it will be securely stored overnight. Those who register for this event will be informed separately of the detailed arrangements in due course from Cliff and Barry. We currently have only have 10 members in 5 cars registered for the event. It is understood that we have the car midweek, but we had hoped there would be more interest from members in the car. This is a high profile event which has taken considerable planning and much investment to organise. Hopefully more will sign up over the next few weeks. See

06 – 15 July – Visit and tour the Isle of Man where you can register here: Currently we only have 3 cars going and are planning the trip now with hotels, ferries etc. where early bookings need to be made. If anyone has an interest in tis trip could they please register as soon as possible. Jeff, Lesley, Tim, Paul and Diane did this trip last year and had a really nice time. See for their report.

The Laxey Wheel Isle of Man

19 – 22 Aug – Is the MG and Triumph International weekend at the Stafford show ground. See This was a great success last year and there is no reason it should not be this year. Tickets will be available through the TR Register website:


We had a short peek at what it is like for the sun to shine and warm us all a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully this has spurred those who are dusting off their TR’s and readying them for the coming spring and summer to speed up the process. We hope you will support us at our now excellent new club night location and register for as many events as you are happy to attend. Alternatively just stay in touch by means of our and the Register newsletters. Happy TR’ing.

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