WFTR Committee

Committee Meeting Minutes

The lovely committee members.

Mike Heelis

Group Leader

Mike Heelis took over as Group Leader of Windsor Forest TR Group in January 2019.  He has a TR6 on which he has carried out a rolling restoration and improvement process over the last 7 years.  He and his wife Lynda love using the car and they undertake many runs throughout the UK and France every year.  Mike is a qualified Engineer having served 37 years in mechanical equipment support in the Army.  He settled in Alton, Hants and has been heavily involved in community projects the latest of which was leadership and delivery of the Alton Neighbourhood Plan.  He is a keen golfer and plays twice a week at his local club as well as being focussed on keeping fit.

Michelle Smith


I have worked with numbers for all my working life, in various roles within the Credit Industry. I have been bought up around cars with my father being involved with the motor parts industry all his working life. One of my Saturday jobs was working in a motorist DIY store where I lost count of the number of points, rotor arms and spark plugs I sold.  Since meeting Graham this love of all things old and aromatic has been rekindled and I am now the owner of my own TR7.

Steve Moss


Steve Moss undertook an Honours Degree in Aeronautical Engineering at Kingston University and a concurrent Undergraduate Apprenticeship with BAC (subsequently British Aerospace) Weybridge. Upon completion in 1974, he took a post at B.Ae Filton in the Technical Service Department with responsibility for operators of the BAC 1-11 airliner, mainly in South America. In 1979 he married Chris in Bristol before moving to Gatwick to work for Laker Airways for a couple of years. In 1981, he left to take up a post at the Air Accidents Investigation Branch, where he stayed for 35 years before retiring in 2016. He bought his TR6 in 2007 and this now shares a garage with a 1989 Mercedes 300SL.

 David Hankin

Membership Secretary

I am David John Hankin 73 Years Young and for the past 11 years I have lived in Upper Hale, Farnham. I have also spent many of my retirement years cruising the Mediterranean living on my yacht. The majority of my working career has been in the commercial Interior world running my own business before I retired 18 years ago.  I have always had a love of cars since before I was able to drive. I started Rallying in the late 60’s and early 70’s before my Family came along. However, I was still involved in  motorsport with the All wheel Drive Club having a love of Landrovers which I still have to this day.  I really wanted to get back into classic rallying and it finally came to fruition when a 1961 Rally prepared TR4 came on the market about 5 years ago. I subsequently joined the TR Register and later WFTR which is one of the best decisions I’ve made in life giving me a great group of friends with some wonderful trips and memories.  With my Landrover expedition travels and trying to keep two rally cars going I’ve not had as much time as I would have liked in helping to run WFTR events. I took on the role of membership secretary for the past year which I have enjoyed. I would like to offer myself to stand in this role for a further year as this is a way for me to play a small part in helping to run the Club alongside my other activities.

Volunteers helping out include:

Barry Green

Galleries and Video

Kevin Warwick

Social Media

Tim Bartholomew

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The Windsor Forest TR Group is part of the TR Register Car Club.