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TS2 Visits WFTR

3 - 4 May 2022

TS2 (the first production TR) has been released on a tour to visit each of the 53 local TR Register Groups in the UK.  The aim being to share ownership of the car with all Register members and to promote the Register to the public.

We will have the car on 3rd and 4th May and the plan for our activities will be:

  • On 03 May we will collect the car from Goodwood Group and take it to the Ascot area for a photo shoot and provide a base for all who wish to drive the car on that day.  Additionally, dependant upon timings we will seek to get a photo of the car in Windsor hopefully with the Castle and the Queen Victoria statue.  All timings and coordination to be released to those who we hope will participate.
  • Then on Wednesday the 4th May we are hoping to get  permission to park TS2 at the Meadows Shopping Centre as it has an ideal area for a few cars to be displayed, is undercover and in full view of the public.  The idea is for the car to be displayed for the morning and then again depending on how many people register to drive TS2, we can make an opportunity for another group of members to drive her from this point. 

Cliff Turnbull has kindly agreed to act as the custodian of TS2 during our period of loan.  

Would those willing to support our Group and the Register by becoming better aquatinted with TS2 please register as soon as possible (below).  In the comments box at the bottom of the online registration form please enter which day (or both) you would like to attend and also indicate if you would like to drive the car as well.

This is a very important activity which brings our Group into the spotlight and we hope as many of you as possible will support this event and if possible provide help to Cliff and Barry in hosting the car.  

Venue: To be decided

Organised by: Cliff Turnbull

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  1. Dave & Linda on 29 Jan 2022:

    Dave completed documentation last year to drive TS2, hope this still stands. Available both days.

    We do not want our name, email or website saved in WFTR browser

    Reply to Dave & Linda

    • Mike on 31 Jan 2022:

      Hi Linda, I have Dave’s driver details form from last year which should do. I do not save your address in the WFTR browser and as far as I know it only appears if you put it there yourself on registrations. That is why you get a separate e-mail from mail chimp informing you of monthly newsletter publication and not from a WFTR saved dataset. I am the custodian of all WFTR contact details and do not share these with anyone else without permission of the owner. I trust all well with you both.

      Reply to Mike

  2. Mike Ellis on 30 Jan 2022:

    Thanks for organising and we look forward to it. Since we have had the opportunity to drive TS2 before we will leave for others to have a go this time.

    Reply to Mike Ellis

  3. Mike Ellis on 30 Jan 2022:

    Thanks for organising and we look forward to joining in. Since we have already had the opportunity to drive TS2 we will leave for others to drive it this time.

    Reply to Mike Ellis

    • Mike on 31 Jan 2022:

      Hi Mike, thanks for that. Let us see what the uptake is as I am not confident there will be a rush forward to drive. Hope you are well.

      Reply to Mike

  4. Steve and Chris Moss on 11 Mar 2022:

    Either day good for us. Would like to drive TS2 and, given choice, would rather 3rd but either day good for us

    Reply to Steve and Chris Moss

  5. Andy Page on 13 Mar 2022:

    Hi Cliff

    Happy to help if required, let me know

    Reply to Andy Page

  6. Geoffrey Lovegrove on 01 Apr 2022:

    Tuesday the 3rd would be best for me
    Many thanks

    Reply to Geoffrey Lovegrove

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