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Hale Carnival

A great sunny day with 13 WFTR cars organised by David Hankin.

David persuaded 8 cars to enter the procession after the judging, The Daimler got 1st, Kevin & Pat got 2nd and Terry & Helen got 3rd.

The show ended with evening music and fireworks.

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A good WFTR turnout including David Hankin’s Expedition Landrover in the background

Relaxing in the shade

Not quite Ascot but the hats are looking good!

All the fun of the fair

A great deal of interest was shown in the line up of classic cars.

A young lad (Sam?) asked Steve for a lift in the procession which Steve was pleased to do.

Terry and Helen’s Ford Escort

Paul Funnel’s Daimler came 1st

I would like to thank . . . . . . . . . .

Pat & Kevin’s TR3 took 2nd place

Terry & Helen’s newly acquired Mk1 Escort took 3rd place

Proud prize winners

Following Mary Poppins in the procession


Jeff & Lesley in the procession

David Hankin’s friend brough his 1959 Jeep


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