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Cranleigh Car Show

Hale Carnival 6th July 2019

The day dawned bright and sunny and the good weather continued for the whole event.

13  WFTR cars arrived around midday to join roughly the same number of other classics from the Village. These were:

  • Laurence & Suzanne Holt in the TR6,
  • Ollie Holt in his 2000,
  • Jeff & Lesley in the TR4,
  • Karl Boulton in his just completed Mini Cooper,
  • Jenny in her Stag,
  • Kevin & Pat in the TR3,
  • An old friend of mine brought his 1959 Jeep,
  • Graham & Michelle dropped their TR7 over for me to present for them due to other commitments,
  • Paul Fennel brought his lovely Daimler,
  • Terry & Helen brought their rare MK1 Escort 1300 sport
  • Steve and Chris in their superb TR6.
  • I showed my TR4 and Expedition Landrover Defender.

I persuaded 8 of the above to enter the Carnival procession. There was a judging panel before the start of the run and I’m pleased to say that we won all the prizes, The Daimler got 1st, Kevin & Pat got 2nd and Terry & Helen got 3rd.

Most left around 7pm leaving a few to enjoy the evening music and Fireworks which closed the show late.

It was a great day and a very busy show with around 2000 people attending. I will be running it again next year and hope that a few more of you would like to join me.

David Hankin

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  1. Steve on 09 Jul 2019:

    We were there as well and took part in the procession, David! Steve & Chris

    Reply to Steve

  2. Mike on 09 Jul 2019:

    You have been adde – sorry.

    Reply to Mike

  3. David Hankin on 09 Jul 2019:

    Sorry Steve

    Reply to David Hankin

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