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Goodbye to Ireland

Cream Tea Run 2019

A great turnout to the now famous Cream Tea run with some 13 cars arriving on a warm sunny Sunday.

After being given the clues for a treasure hunt everyone set off, arriving back late afternoon for Tea and Scones.

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Working out the route over a cuppa.

Comparing notes

Mike and Marilyn on the road

I’ll just wait here ’till they get back.

I think Michelle dropped a scone somewhere around here.

The first back were Tim & Avis and Steve & Chris – now where are those scones.

All safely back and probably busy munching

Phew, we made it minus a few answers.

Kevin & Pat, follwed by Laurence and Suzanne

Jenny & Lynda in Jenny’s Stag

Nick & Pip

Did someone mention scones 😉

Is there any more tea?

Graham giving the answers

Nice shirt Steve 😉

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