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Goodbye to Ireland

Fish & Chip Run

Seven TRs and two modern cars assembled at the Hogs Back Service Area on Star Wars day and it seems the Force was with them as they were bathed in glorious sunshine that lasted all day. Leaving the start, the cars crossed to the East of the A3 before following a southbound route towards the coast. After some pleasant country roads and a few challenging sections over the South Downs everyone arrived at Littlehampton where people sat in the sun to enjoy their Fish and Chips.

All Ready for the off at The Hogs Back Service Station

Orders placed waiting outside for our order number to be called

Plenty of seating, all tucking in

Suzanne waiting for her fish and chips

Josie waiting for a chip . . . . or two

Tim & Avis quenching their thirst

Yum . . . . Ice creams for pud

Beautiful views

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