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An early start for all on a glorious Sunday. The main party set off from Newlands Corner and consisted of: Graham, Paul, James, Barry, John and Tim. A whizz along the A25 then a tortuous route up to Crossness where we met Mike and Sarah and Andy and Jan.

A short ride on the train then into the magnificent pumping house. After exploration and a cup tea we headed of to Brasted and the Stanhope Arms for lunch

Here are some pictures:

Tim wondering why someone has dropped a tarpaulin on his car
Waiting for a train
Looking up at the Prince Consort
Figs and Sennapods – to help you go. A Victorian joke.
Upstairs in the gallery. The four engines are Victoria, Prince Consort, Edward Albert and Alexandria. They are huge.
Random people added for scale
Mike holding up the beam.
Big chunky tools. Each component was hand made. Which means each nut and bolt only fits in one place.
The Thames and Dagenham
The central octagon
The entertaining exhibition of effluent
Mike offering advice in regards to personal hygiene.
Everywhere you look is superb Victorian iron work
Where the sludge got dumped waiting for the tide to turn.
Mike holding up more railings. Or maybe he is lopsided and we have never noticed…

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