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Cranleigh Car Show

Victoria Day Aldershot

DSCF6176 DSCF6180 DSCF6181 DSCF6185 DSCF6188 DSCF6192 DSCF6194 DSCF6195 DSCF6204 DSCF6205 DSCF6206 DSCF6208 DSCF6209 DSCF6210 DSCF6212 DSCF6217 DSCF6219 DSCF6222

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We are a Triumph TR marque car club covering an area west of London from the M25 to Basingstoke, from Maidenhead in the North to Godalming in the South, we think we have a full range of marques from TR2 to TR8.

We meet on the first Wednesday of each month at the Ely Hotel on the A30 from 7.30pm (see map). Please keep an eye on the WFTR Events as we do get out and about. If  you want to know what we have been doing here are some galleries WFTR Galleries

The Windsor Forest TR Group is part of the TR Register Car Club.