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Skittles Evening 2019 Report


On Friday 11th Oct, 23 of us headed to the Jolly Farmer in Blacknest for an evening of socialising and pub skittles.  I think we all did pretty well at socialising!

The Jolly Farmer was warm and cosy, a very welcome contrast to the wet and windy conditions outside. The main bar offered a roaring log fire and a good selection of beers and wines of course.  The Skittles room was very nicely laid out with some nice music adding to the atmosphere.

We started out with a few practice throws before our meals came out. We all ate from the Fryer Basket menu, which I think we’d all agree was really good pub fayre.

For the team competition we split into 2 teams – Men versus Ladies, with Suzanne and Dave as our captains and cheerleaders. The ladies raced into a 2 game lead at which point they very un-sportingly declined the guys offer of best-of-five.

The men’s team vowed ‘No more Mr Nice Guy!’ at that point – and then promptly lost the Killer game as well 🙁 .  Oh well, we’re all winners really, right??

The prestigious gold and silver trophies awarded on the night went to:

  • “Highest Individual Score” – Lynda Heelis
  • “Winning Team Performance” – Suzanne Holt, on behalf the Ladies team
  •  “Token Award for the Men” – Terry Schraider
  • “Most Skittles Left Standing” (aka the Wooden Spoon) – Kevin Warwick (aka ME

There is a short video of the evening here, courtesy of Barry:  Skittles Video

Finally an honourable mention for all the staff at the The Jolly Farmer who helped make this a very enjoyable evening!

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