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Crofton Run June 2014

Ludlow and Marches Classic Tour

On 12 Oct Tim, Tim Jnr, Mike, Lynda, Barry, Jenny, Cliff and Coral met up in Hook for a scenic drive cross country up to Ludlow. We started in the wet weather with hoods up, but the conditions improved during the course of the drive so as not to spoil our enjoyment. We had some lunch at the smart Ludlow Farm shop and then set off to book in to our individual accommodation B&B’s before meeting up for supper. This was preceded by a fascinating and enjoyable pre dinner drinks in an old fashioned Ludlow Pub called the Blood Bay which only serves beer and wine! We were joined by James and Trish who had come to do the Tour as well at the pub. A pleasant supper followed in The French Pantry where many a tale was a told.

Sunday saw all of us plus Terry and Helen, who travelled independently, signing on to the Tour at the Ludlow Brewing Company building where pre briefing and breakfast was also available. There were 70 entries to the Tour with a panoply of classic cars and rally cars ranging from Clan Crusaders through Escort RS2000’s to Austin 1300’s. It was wet, but with the promise of better weather later. Leg 1 took us out on a circuitous 28 mile route to the SW of Ludlow to an impressive redeveloped 15th century Penrhoss Court where cakes, tea and coffee were served. The order of arrival did not reflect the order of departure so there may well have been some navigational issues or simply folk stopping to enjoy the wonderful views (this was a tour and not a rally!). Leg 2 was another 28 mile winding route to a garden centre not far from Talgarth where lunch was taken. After lunch things got very interesting with very narrow, sometimes extremely muddy roads and fabulous views (weather now cleared) on first a 36 mile bash to Penybont (near Llandrindod) for afternoon tea. Then a further 41 miles leg North then East to Ludlow Farm shop for a two course early supper. A superbly organised event over amazing roads and countryside leaving our cars covered in mud (top and bottom), but really happy we had participated.

We met again for drinks in the Blood Bay (that beer!) before retiring for the night and then 3 cars driving back home the scenic route and Monday with no rain.

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