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Newsletter February 2023

Club Night

The February WFTR Club night will be at The Foresters Arms, 173 London Road, Bagshot, GU19 5DH, on 07 February from 7:30 p.m. You will be able to hear news of event planner updates for 2023 ( ) as they are emerging. More importantly I will be giving a presentation on the Register 5 year strategy which you will have seen outlined in your last TR Action magazine and enclosed letter. I hope as many of you as possible will attend so you can enable discussion and feedback. I can then take this to the Register Group Leaders meeting at Gaydon on 11 March where the issue will be discussed pre AGM of the Register.

Planned Events for 2023

Events are steadily being added to the website, at this stage mainly car shows and pre planned events. Barry will shortly be contacting those of you who have kindly offered to organise an event for brief details and these events will be added to the website as we get the information. Progress so far is as follows:

11 March – TR Register Group Leaders meeting at Gaydon where I will be representing our group. Let me know if you have any important issues to articulate at the meeting.

02 April – Classic Car Sunday in Alton (non WFTR sponsored event, but a good afternoon out)

10 April – Spring Vehicle Meet and Jumble at Newbury show ground (non WFTR event, but if enough sign up we will organise a run to suit). See:

16 April – TR Register AGM at Gaydon. See:

23 April – Drive it Day at Amberley museum being organised and sponsored by our group. We urge you to sign up and pay as soon as possible so that final numbers can be known. This is a combined event with 5 other South Eastern region groups two of which have exceeded WFTR numbers for paying and sign up. See: As we are organising this event and expect more than 75 cars we need volunteer marshals and coordinators on the day to help. You will of course be able to drive down in your TR’s and participate in the same way as everyone else. Please let me know soonest if you are prepared to help if you have not done so already. Also note that the Register is sponsoring charity donations to Childline by means of rally plates for 23 April Drive it Day. To get yours see:

10 or 17 Dec (TBC) – WFTR Christmas Party. We have decided not to go back to Windlesham golf club again for a third year as they let us down in 2022. We have however shortlisted a number of possible venues which we would like your feedback of preferences upon or indeed additions to. Potential venues are:


We have brought a new gazebo that it better suited to our needs. This means the old gazebos that have served us well for many years are now redundant and need a new home. If you can use one or both make us an offer and that will be yours to take home and do with as you wish. If you want to know what you get for you money this is what they look like: Interested parties contact me per below or respond to this newsletter in the comments box.


I am sure we are looking forward to spring and the opportunity to get out in our TR’s with roofs down and no salt on the roads. Do keep me informed of any thoughts or advice you have on items in this newsletter or on anything else.

  1. David Hankin on 04 Feb 2023:

    I thought Mead Hall as a possibility myself but not for a Sunday as we would have to share it with others. Any other day we could have on our own. Food is good.
    Not keen on the idea of Turkish.
    No opinion offered for Bearwood or Easthamstead.

    Reply to David Hankin

    • Mike on 04 Feb 2023:

      Hi David, Many thanks for your prompt response and useful input. Hopefully we will hear from others as well(?). Mike H

      Reply to Mike

  2. Cliff Turnbull on 05 Feb 2023:

    I am not sure whether you have included me as a possible helper on Drive IT Day. Ready to help with or without a drivers licence!!

    Cannot comment on venues I am afraid.

    Reply to Cliff Turnbull

    • Mike on 05 Feb 2023:

      Hi Cliff, That is excellent we can of course use you as a helper on drive it day and I am very pleased you offered. Thanks. Mike

      Reply to Mike

  3. Terry Schraider on 05 Feb 2023:

    Hopefully you already have my name down as a helper on Drive It Day.

    Reply to Terry Schraider

  4. Graham Howard on 05 Feb 2023:

    Mead Hall VG. Extremely popular would need to book well in advance. It’s quite a large venue, numbers would be an issue. Maybe consider the pub?
    Easthampstead Park not so good! However only been there for a wake! The room used was huge and swamped the party! Finger buffet provided of poor quality, would suggest a recce.
    Bearwood Lakes may need a member to book? Top quality venue and catering, makes Windlesham look cheap!
    Turkish an interesting idea no firsthand knowledge of restaurant.

    Reply to Graham Howard

    • Mike on 06 Feb 2023:

      Hi Graham, Many thanks for taking the time to provide feedback. Very useful and will be used as part of consideration process.

      Reply to Mike

  5. richard on 07 Feb 2023:

    hi Mike, Rokka is good if you like Turkish food, not sure what they do by way of xmas fare. both my daughters have worked there in the past so i may be able to negotiate a bit if it is decided to go there

    Reply to richard

    • Mike on 23 Feb 2023:

      Hi Richard, Thanks for your feedback on the Christmas party. We will take those comments into consideration of course. Mike

      Reply to Mike

  6. Robin on 07 Feb 2023:

    The Meade Hall looks like a venue that has an atmosphere well suited for a Christmas event, so on that basis it would be a front runner from the list. Their website shows that the hall can accommodate from 20 guests, but I think that it is already booked for the 1st and 2nd December. I was intrigued by their “Hog Roast” menu… £1695 for 60 people… includes pigs in blankets, but not strictly Christmas fare.

    Reply to Robin

    • Mike on 23 Feb 2023:

      Hi Robin, Many thanks for taking the opportunity to comment on the Christmas party. We will put that in the think box to consider. Mike H

      Reply to Mike

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