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March 2013 Newsletter

Just like the March Hare, our activities this month have sprung into life with several events successfully taking place with the tremendous support of Windsor Forest and other TR Group members and guests.

At the beginning of the month we were joined at our monthly meeting at the Foresters Arms, Bagshot by Will of Beech Hill Garage, nr Reading.  Will gave an informal talk about his experiences as the owner of a longstanding family run Classic Car maintenance, sales and restoration business where he specialises in the Rover Marque, especially in classic MGs and increasingly in TRs. He answered questions from the floor regarding aspects of living with, restoring and maintaining TRs and how we can keep our pride and joy on the road.

His visit was much appreciated and has spurred your committee on to seek more opportunities for technical seminars and demonstrations from local specialists. Indeed our next monthly meeting, when we visit Kennet Valley Group on 3rd April , will include a presentation on SuperPro Bushes, so please make  a note in your diary to join us.

At our March monthly meeting, we also provided those present with an overview of the results from our recent online survey of Windsor Forest TR Group members carried out following the appointment of your new Leader and Committee in December 2012.

The purpose of the survey was to discover more about the TRs you drive, your opinions about our Group and the types of activities you are most interested in.

The results so far have provided us with a very interesting insight, which will be very helpful in planning our future activities and how we organise to maximise your enjoyment and involvement as a member of Windsor Forest TRs.

Since launching the online survey we have also extended the survey to include those members where we do not currently have an email address, sending out hard copies to the 25 or so members concerned. The feedback from these additional questionnaires will be added to the results received so far – so if you haven’t yet returned your survey either online or in hard copy there is still time to do so.

Of the 96 members we originally sent our online survey to, 39 responded online and 6 responded either by phone or email, bringing the total response to 45, an almost 50% overall response rate. This is a tremendous outcome in the world of online surveys where the response rate often proves to be much lower. So thank you to all those who made the effort to reply.

The main findings of the survey are attached as an appendix to this newsletter and will also be posted on the WFTR website on http//


This has been our biggest and most significant event so far this year. Below is reproduced a report published in the local Farnborough newspapers shortly afterwards describing the event.

“On Sunday, 10thMarch, 28 members and guests of the Windsor Forest
Group of the TR Register Car Club took part in a Sunday morning drive ending for lunch and a guided tour of the F.A.S.T. Museum in Farnborough where the cars parked up in front of the Museum’s iconic Harrier Mk2AXW934 Jump Jet.

In all, 12 classic cars assembled with their drivers and passengers at the Tesco Car Park in Aldershot ready for a 10.15 a.m. start for a pleasant 40 mile drive through the country lanes of North Hampshire and Berkshire. Despite the weather being cold, with a chilly breeze and the forecast of possible snow showers, conditions remained dry and reasonably bright.

Even the car which suffered an ignition fault near to start made it to FAST thanks to a fortuitous supply of spares carried by other Group members just in case!

Following a buffet lunch the assembled Group was addressed by FAST Volunteer David Wilson who master minded the building of the full size replica of Cody’s British Army Aeroplane No 1 A.

The Group learnt of the early history of the Farnborough site which had begun life as the Headquarters of the Royal Engineers Balloon School following the recognition by the military of the importance of high level observation for spotting and battlefield planning. It was for this reason that Samuel Franklin Cody, an American from Iowa, USA, first became involved with the British Army and Farnborough due to his expertise in man lifting kites which were considered as complimentary to balloons as they could fly in windy conditions.

.Ultimately, his work was to lead him to design, construct and fly his famous Flyer, British Army Aeroplane No.1.

David explained that while the project to construct the full size replica began with no money, no team and no facilities to build or keep the replica it was completed successfully and on time by a team of volunteers in readiness for display at the centenary celebrations in 2008. The replica is now housed in a specially constructed building on site which was also financed from voluntary donations.

The members of Windsor Forest TRs enjoyed a most interesting afternoon touring the museum and marveled at the impressive replica of Cody’s machine, which, with a wingspan of 52 feet almost completely fills the exhibition space.

Sunday proved to be an eventful, very informative and enjoyable day. Our thanks go to the volunteers of the F.A.S.T. Museum for their very helpful and attentive support and for the mine of information they proved to be regarding the history and achievements of a very enigmatic and important figure in British aviation history, Samuel Franklin Cody.

For further information on the TRs please see and  and for information on FAST and Cody, David Wilson can be contacted on 07702 742594”

Veronica Graham
Publicity Officer

With the weather taking a turn for the worse, Windsor Forest TR took on Merv Rogers and his Thames Valley Group for a friendly yet competitive game of skittles.

In all, 24 members and guests took part and we were pleased to welcome Mark Treadwell, TR SE Regional Coordinator who later proved to be no slouch at the game.

There were sufficient present to form 4 teams of six and with a little juggling between the groups and guests we effectively made up 2 x 2 teams representing TVG and WFTR.

The competition proceeded apace and was interspersed with a very pleasant meal, a raffle, much conversation and not least a few good beers!

Competition between the four teams proved to be highly competitive and after three rounds I’m pleased to report the two WFTR nominated teams won the day, finishing in 1st and 2nd places. Well done WFTR and commiserations to TVG and Merv for being such good sports and worthy opponents. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of TVG and I’m certain, at some point, Merv will get his revenge!


Our next event on Wednesday, 3rd April is a visit to Kennet Valley Group to join Phil Horsley and his group for their monthly meeting, which will include a talk on Super Pro Bushes.

Please note that for this event we will meet early, in the car park of the Foresters Arms, Baghot for a departure at 7.30 p.m. sharp in time to arrive for the start of the KVG meeting at 8.00 p.m.

Come in your TR, weather permitting or your daily driver – all are welcome for what should be a very enjoyable evening.


As we move into Spring our TR calendar (and hopefully our weather) begins to hot up with the longest run so far this year – the annual and very popular New Forest Run. Booking is essential and if you haven’t already done so you’ve probably missed it – although a quiet word with Linda may yet prove to be helpful. Contact her on

So far we have 10 cars booked for the event.  WFTRs will meet at Popham Services, Micheldever, Winchester EH21 8RE on the A303 for a prompt departure at 8.00 a.m.  You will be able to use the facilities and refuel for the day.  The New Forest Run  starts as usual from the Avon Heath Country Park Car Park between 9.00 a.m. – 9.30 a.m. (hence our early start).  There will be the customary half way halt at Copythorne Parish Hall for complimentary refreshments. The run will finish at Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum where participants of the run will be entitled to discounted entry.


Thames Valley Group, as winners of the distance award last year, have organised this year’s Drive IT Day which will be to Wakehurst Place nr Ardingly, East Sussex. This is a National Trust property and is noted for its gardens and where Kew grows its seeds.

Arrangements are in hand for participating WFTR members to meet up ‘en route’ before we arrive at the TR car park which has been specially set aside for the TR Register at Wakehurst..

We are hoping for a good turnout from our Group, so if you haven’t already done so please notify Linda on if you would like to join us.

Further details of Wakehurst Place can be found at http//

Please note that other events taking place in April you may be interested to attend include the Goodwood Breakfast on 7th, Southern Classics Spring Show at Chichester College on 14th, The Bristol Classic Car Show, 20th – 21st and the British Midlands Championship at Prescott Hillclimb organized by the Bugatti Owners Club on 27th.

Information on all the above events and more can be downloaded from the Windsor Forest website on

Happy Easter and Happy TRing to All,

Group Leader – Windsor Forest TRs

See Appendix on Next Page: Windsor Forest Membership Survey – Overview of Results


1.Are you an active member of the TR Register?
Of the 21 who responded to this question, 19 (43.5%) claimed to attend monthly     meetings regularly, 16 (69.6%) claimed to attend the International Weekend and     14 (60.9%) regularly participated in TR events.

2.What family members also participate in TR Register and WFTR events?
20 members (95.2% participate with their spouse or partner, 5 (23.8%) with a son     and 1 (4.8%) with their daughter.

3.What model of TR do you own?
Of the 38 members responding to this question, 9 (23.6%) own a model in the     range TR2-TR3B, 11 TR4 – TR4A (28.9%), 5 TR5 – TR250 (13.1%), 16 TR6     (42.1%) and 4 TR7 – TR8 (10.5%).

4.What is the condition of your TR?
Off the road/in need of repairs/restoration, 6 (15.8%).
Roadworthy but in storage, 2 (5.3%)
Regularly used, 29 (76.3%)
Concourse, 7 (18.4%)

5.How often do you attend WFTR monthly meetings?
Very/extremely often, 6 (15.8%)
Moderately/occasionally, 5 (13.1%)
Not at all often, 27 (71.1%)

6.If you do not attend WFTR monthly meetings why not?
Of the 21 responding to this question,
Too far to travel/venue, 4 (25.1%)
Meetings not interesting 9 (56.3%)
Time of meeting inconvenient 7 (43.8%)

7.What types of TR event are you interested in?
Of the 36 responding to this question,
Classic Car shows, 26 (72.2%)
Road Runs, 24 (66.7%)
International Weekend 17 (47.2%)
Stoneleigh Spares Day 16 (44.4%)
Technical seminars 15 (41.7%)
Breakfast Clubs 13 (36.1%)
Classic Le Mans 7 (19.4%)
TR Race Series 5 (13.9%)
Hill Climbs/Track Days 8 (11.1/11.1%)
Rallying, 3 (8.3%)

8.If you do not participate in WFTR activities, why not?
Of the 24 responding there were a range of individual answers from previous     meetings not being sufficiently interesting to insufficient time to attend, failing to     diarise events, or other family commitments.

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