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Crofton Run June 2014

Drive It Day

Tim and Avis organised a 45 mile drive through the Hampshire countryside taking in spectacular views with bluebells in full bloom. With a chill in the air Tim issued Tulip navigation books for 18 vehicles and after a short briefing, waived everyone off in staggered pairs. After a minor (some say major….) navigation hiccup everyone reached our final destination of Hollycombe Steam in the Country.

Both drive and final venue made for a very enjoyable day out.

Attending were: – Steve & Chris Moss, Avis & Tim Bartholomew, Graham and Michelle, Nick and Pip Nigel, Jeff, Lesley and Tim Roberts, Christophe, Richard Bullimore, Bruce and Jacqueline Martin, Steven & Nikki Polden, Andy Page, Cliff and Coral Turnbull, Paul & Joyce, Christopher Butler, Antony Fisher, Andrew Postlethwaite, Bruce Walker and Paul Funnell.

London Group kindly organised the event and their report is as follows:

Luckily the rain passed the day before and 136 cars turned up, from as far away as Kent, Dorset and Oxfordshire. Many thanks to the TR groups :- Dorset, Goodwood, South Downs, London, Kennet Valley, Kent, Windsor Forest  and of course Thames Valley. Thanks to Wayne for bringing along TS2 and the Stag group from Surrey. Everything went smoothly on the day, thanks to the TVG Marshall’s, Peter, Mervyn, Robin, Jon, John & Erica. The gazebos went up and the raffle was held thanks to Neil & Jan. A major thanks to Frances and Janet, whose tenacity, and everyone’s generosity, helped bring in £220 for The Renewable World charity. Our attendance, with The Citroen group whom we shared the field with, gave Hollycombe over £2000. This is much needed, as they are a charity run by volunteers. A trophy for best car, as selected by the manager of Hollycombe, was handed to Mr Honeyset (excuse spelling) from South Downs, in an excellent TR3. Mervyn was also presented with a special award for his long service to TVG, hopefully.

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