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Crofton Run June 2014

Darren’s TR6

I’ve done a few more improvements to the old girl in the most recent lockdown in Jan/Feb 21.

My TR6 with the TRR Covid-19 rally plate.

During the lockdown I’ve managed to catch-up on a lot of jobs on my ‘6’

Finally got round to fitting a new hood cover.
Managed to find some bigger door mirrors.
The old fuel pump was leaking so fitted this new one along with a better fuel filter.

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A Brief History

Originally a LHD car manufactured in 1973 and then exported to California in 1974 where it spent its first 18 years. It was then imported back to the UK in 1992 with a mileage of around 24k and converted to RHD by TR Bitz. The car is a completely rust free example and I bought the car at a mileage of 33k in 2015.

Since owning the car I’ve done numerous improvements, including more recently the seats were replaced with refurbished MX5 leather seats from Paul Bishop and the engine was fully rebuilt to Stage 2 specification by CMES with an unleaded gas flowed/ported cylinder head, bigger valves, 9.75 CR, fast road camshaft, reground/balanced crankshaft, lightened flywheel & running on HS6 SU carbs setup on a rolling road by Airey Tuning.

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