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Cranleigh Classic

The Cranleigh Classic is an annual car show held at the Cranleigh Showground. There are three  ways to enter:

1. As an individual
2. As a club.
3. On the day

Both methods require you to register on the Cranleigh Classic website.

If you want to enter as an individual you just fill in the online form, pay your money and turn up on the day where you will be parked in the main arena.

If you want to attend at a group you need to register the group on the website. You will receive a code by email. Each member of the group can then register using this code. When you arrive you will then be parked in an allocated area.

If you turn up on the day it’s pot luck where you end up.

This year there were 5 TRR groups attending.

The actual show is very well organised. There are allocated routes onto the showground with marshals directing you to the correct place. You can arrive any time up to 1pm and leave anytime after 1.30pm.

On the day there are plenty of cars to see and buy, stationary engines, stalls, autojumble, food and drink and crowds of people all having a good time.

Maybe not worth WFTR attending every year but certainly should be on the calendar every couple of years.

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