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Goodbye to Ireland

Wales Weekend

Taking the long road for a weekend in Wales are: Mike and Lynda Heelis, Avis & Tim, David, Jeff, Lesley & Tim Roberts, Graham and Michelle, Kevin & Pat, Roger & Sue Hogarth, Laurence And Suzanne Holt, Christophe and Jean.

Here’s a Go-Pro video courtesy of Kevin

Day 1 – our travellers set off from Hartley Witney heading for Porthmadog

Forming up at Hartley Witney – waiting for the Colonel (who was late on Parade)

83% of the team

Interested observers

A queue of reds in Newbury

Hanging around a petrol station on the A419

Lunch in Ludlow

After lunch in Ludlow

Tim and Avis finally catch up

All by myself…

After 4 months and 3 continents of travel we finally arrive at the Tudor Lodge in Porthmadog

Pre-dinner imbibing in the Sportsman

Dinner in the Sportsman

Still doing dinner

Day 2 – A visit to the beach, fog and ride on a steam train

Arriving at Aberdaron

Obligatory shot of a row of cars

A queue of Bartholemews

Windswept Michelle

Nobody wants to be near anyone else

Arty shot

Stupid man stands in the sea

A row of soft tops

It’s the magic roundabout!

Three tables of 6 booked by three different people. Ask and we will tell you the story

A South African train

On the train

Nearly ready to go…

…now the loco has turned up

Chuffing up the hill

Chuffing round the corner

Jeff looking mean and moody and magnificent. Or tired, it’s not easy to tell

Wales through the square window

A water fall just before Ffestiniogg

Lloyd George at Ffestiniogg

One of Mikes many moving pumping stations

Freewheeling back down the mountain

Kevin overcome with excitement

Fancy dress

Michelle and Graham not talking

Day 3 – Into the Mountains – Lake Vyrnwy and Balmouth

An unscheduled stop

Mike returns his car to all 6 cylinders

Avis uses her bag to stop a rock from escaping

Tim uses his feet due to a lack of bag

Fantastic roads, sweeping bends and views forever

Parking up for coffee at Lake Vyrnwy

The coffee house

In the drawing room…

…taking coffee

The view from the terrace

Back on the road and heading up the valley

In the middle of nowhere.

Tried really hard but couldn’t shake off those pesky TR4s

A welsh traffic jam

Looking at the view

Waving at clouds

A reminder of all the rhododendrons

Neatly parked and lined up

Balmouth. Avis and Lynda contemplate a dip in the sea

Tiddly Om Pom Pom

Lunch stop. Where we met Beryl.

Day 4 – Up the hill and down again, Canarvon, Anglesey and Portmerion

Mike and his detached shock absorber

A pause to take in the view of a misty Snowdon

“Look” said Roger, “there it is”

Standing next to a wall pretending it’s warm and sunny

Alright everybody, break over, back in the cars

Still coming home

Coming home

Lunch in Kerfoots

The Estuary on Portmerion (and Tim and Avis)

Looking down into the main square

The obligatory group photo

The view from the Gazeebo (978 steps to get up there)

Pat, Michelle and Kev take a walk in the woods

Michelle’s Head

More of the main square in Portmerion

Into darkness…


Jeff, Lesley and Tim detour to Angelsey for the afternoon

Lesley imbibing at Red Wharf Bay

More imbibing

The lifeboat a few miles up the coast at Moefre


Back at Ludlow for a quick Lunch

Came back outside and the convoy had increased to 5

  1. Mike Heelis on 06 Jun 2017:

    Hi Graham, Brilliant shots and thanks for being our point man fort photography. Great memories! I have attached one or two more which you may or may not like

    Reply to Mike Heelis

  2. Dave Larnder on 10 Sep 2017:

    Good shots again and tour. The SAR narrow gauge Garrett seems to have had it´s cab closed in a bit to suit the sunny Welsh weather.

    Reply to Dave Larnder

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