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Tim’s Leather Seats

The seats on my TR6 although leather were showing signs of degradation. I did not want to go to the expense of re covering them and set about looking for a leather refurbisher.

I was lucky to find a very experienced artisan who worked from his van and made house calls. He had a 3 week lead time before he could offer me a date.

(Let me know if you would like details of who carried out the work)

I think that the results are amazing, here are some of the before and after shots:

Before…….What a state

The process used combined deep cleaning, leather filler, over spraying colour coat and final spray coating of clear preservative.

The entire process took 4 hours to complete 2 chairs.

  1. Barry on 03 Dec 2020:

    Amazing, I would not have thought that would be possible.

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