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Cranleigh Car Show

RAF Benson

Having a jolly time were: Dave & Linda, Paul & Joyce, Bill Bourne, Avis & Tim Bartholomew, Andy Page, Cliff and Coral, Andrew P, Mike and Lynda, Jeff & Lesley, Steve Whatmore, Steve & Chris Moss, Martin Hill, Barry & Jenny, Graeme Catnach

Watch a Video!

Flags out In Wokingham for WFTR

This is Sparta!

The elusive Mrs Whatmore and friends

Rote Pfeile

Two of the blades

Looks like an auction house

Big brother and liitte brother

Looks like a string of kites

A few good men (staring Steve and Tim)

A Gloucester Meteor (very rare these days)

Yes, this an aeroplane

Winners of the hands in pockets with shades competition

More neatly lined up then the cars in the hanger. Take note Col Hellis

A Dakota

WW1 Tigermoth

A pair of lone Heelii

Another fantastic day for WFTR and the RAF


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