Put a clock in it

The TR6 has a rheostat in the centre of the dashboard that adjusts the instrument lights from dim to off. A year ago I bypassed the pointless article and changed the bulbs to LEDs. I can now see how fast I’m going in the dark.

All well and good but I now have a redundant knob (stop laughing at the back).

The answer is a clock.

Step 1 – Remove dash

Thanks to Mike and Laurence for help and advice. Took about an hour to do.

Step 2 – Get a hole cut

Rather than mess it up myself, I got a professional to do the work (Folly’s in Farnham). At the same time they fixed the cracks in the glovebox hinge mounts.

Step 3 – New bezels and rubbers

The old rubbers had gone and the black paint worn away by excessive polishing so I got some new one.

Step 4 – Install in dash

This was the fun part. Had to get some new knurled fasteners as the car had an assortment of glue and nuts holding everything in.

Step 5 – Fix all the knackered connections

I had a collection of scotchloks, chocolate blocks and insulating tape behind the dash. Fixed everything and replaced the iffy connectors where applicable.

Step 6 – Add to car and test

Looking good. Well pleased with the result.


  1. Laurence on 03 Mar 2020:

    It’s about time.

    Reply to Laurence

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