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Put a clock in it

The TR6 has a rheostat in the centre of the dashboard that adjusts the instrument lights from dim to off. A year ago I bypassed the pointless article and changed the bulbs to LEDs. I can now see how fast I’m going in the dark.

All well and good but I now have a redundant knob (stop laughing at the back).

The answer is a clock.

Step 1 – Remove dash

Thanks to Mike and Laurence for help and advice. Took about an hour to do.

Step 2 – Get a hole cut

Rather than mess it up myself, I got a professional to do the work (Folly’s in Farnham). At the same time they fixed the cracks in the glovebox hinge mounts.

Step 3 – New bezels and rubbers

The old rubbers had gone and the black paint worn away by excessive polishing so I got some new one.

Step 4 – Install in dash

This was the fun part. Had to get some new knurled fasteners as the car had an assortment of glue and nuts holding everything in.

Step 5 – Fix all the knackered connections

I had a collection of scotchloks, chocolate blocks and insulating tape behind the dash. Fixed everything and replaced the iffy connectors where applicable.

Step 6 – Add to car and test

Looking good. Well pleased with the result.


  1. Laurence on 03 Mar 2020:

    It’s about time.

    Reply to Laurence

  2. Phil Hayden on 15 Apr 2020:

    Hi looks really good, were did you get the bezels and clock. Presently have dash out fitting LEDs so seems an opportune time.?
    Thanks Phil.
    TR register member.

    Reply to Phil Hayden

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