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Newsletter October 2022

Club Night

The first Tuesday of the month Club night will be at The Foresters Arms, 173 London Road, Bagshot, GU19 5DH, on 04 Oct from 7:30 p.m. As we were unable to do the Light Bulb selection competition last month where different types of bulbs are inserted into varying holders within the shortest time possible we will do it at the Oct Club night. Thanks Barry.

Notable Events

There were WFTR members supporting the TR Register alternative International in Aug at Ambergate Derbyshire. Laurence and Suzanne took their recently completed restoration of a TR7 which has been beautifully done. They entered the concours at the event and again won a prize of best standard TR7 which is another commendable achievement and for which we congratulate them for. See picture below:

On 11 September we had our annual Cream Tea Run with 24 attending in 13 TR’s on a glorious sunny day generously organised by Graham and Michelle Smith. We started off with tea and coffee before receiving instructions to complete a non competitive route to take in various sites. Our mission was to visit and photograph 3 classic car, railway train and aircraft related sites across at least two county borders and WhatsApp evidence of back to Graham. He plotted the various routes onto a map in differing colours per car pair (or single runner) to show the panoply of routes taken to achieve this task (see picture below with locations visited marked). The cream tea was superb as we chatted and relaxed on Graham and Michelle’s patio. The winning team was declared as Christophe and Jenny and they were awarded with a very unique teapot per pic below. A great event and thanks so much to Graham and Michelle for organising.

Our Jurassic coast run based out of Seaton Devon was over 3 days and two nights from 16 to 18 Sep and organised by Laurence and Suzanne Holt. We set off from Hartley Wintney and followed an A303 route to the National Trust Stourhead site close to Mere in Wiltshire, which is simply superb and a must do. The weather was very sunny, but the A303 as ever was busy so there was a bit of queuing, but we were pleased to arrive just in time for lunch. We then set off cross country for Lyme Regis were we visited a micro brewery and stocked up with beer (very nice beer and cider too) for our curry supper later. Saturday saw us take a lovely backroads drive to Exmouth Beach where we took coffee and walked the beach and took in the sun. On then via another lovely backroads drive (see picture below) to Otterton Mill for lunch and a look around the site. On again to visit Branscombe donkeys on the way back to Seaton which was a popular location. The next day we took another lovely drive with stopping points to end up for lunch at the Cove House Hotel Portland. This being the end post of the Jurassic Coat. Everyone enjoyed a superb weekend beautifully planned and organised by Laurence and Suzanne to whom we extend our thanks. See pics:

On 23 September we set out on our rescheduled trip to Bucklers Hard organised by Mike and Marilyn Ellis. The forecast was not good and we started in damp conditions, however we had 17 show up in 9 TR’s. As it happened the weather cleared and so much for folk to put their roofs down. After a pleasant 50 mile run we were met by Mike and Marilyn who ensured that we were allowed on site in front of the Masters Builders House and restaurant to show our cars. We had access to all the facilities and were treated to a pleasant boat trip down the river. Back for a spot of lunch and then a relaxed run home. Thanks Marilyn and Mike for organising a super day out for us all. See pics:

Planned Events

11 December – Christmas Lunch and AGM to be held at Windlesham Golf Club and for which we have 19 registered at present. This is a popular and important event on our calendar and I again ask that you register as soon as you are able at: We usually have 35 or so in attendance so have a bit to go in numbers yet.

23 April 23 – It is WFTR turn to organise Drive it Day and we have started the planning already. We will be holding the focus of the event on the day at Amberley Museum (see: ). We are all booked with the museum staff to have our cars on show inside the museum after an interesting run down to the site. The committee will visit museum staff to carry out detailed planning on 07 Oct and are optimistic that this is going to be a great day out for all South East TR Groups. We will be selling tickets ahead of the event so please put it on your calendar now.

Scenic Car Tours There has been no uptake or interest in our idea of undertaking a Scenic Car Tours organised trip per my last newsletter. You can see the brochure at: Please let me know if you are interested.

I have received a note from the Blackpalfrey car club in Kent which reads: “May I remind you that members of the TR Register are invited to ‘compete and have fun’ in our Series of 12 Car RegRun Rallies held on Sunday mornings in different areas of Kent. The next event is on Sunday, 16th October in East Kent and starting at The Airport Café, Newingreen – all details and entry form are on “. Another way to get out on an event.


Please take this newsletter as the first formal notification of our AGM on 11 December. Should you wish to include an item on the agenda for the meeting or consider standing for Committee next year now is the time to let me know.

The WFTR WhatsApp Group now has 10 members and is slowly growing. There was a great example of one aspect of help from this Group as someone wanted some advice on cylinder head removal yesterday. They posted a request and within a very short time advice was appropriately provided. You will need to let Barry know your phone number so he can invite you which can either be done at Club Night in person or by e-mailing him at .

TR Register Matters

I have been given a heads up to attend a TR Owners Club Ltd – Stakeholder Strategy Consultation Meeting at Gaydon on 06 November. Hopefully I will be able to give feedback from this meeting to you all in the December newsletter. It all sounds very interesting so watch this space!


As another TR’ing fine weather season draws to a close we are now seeking to put in place a full programme of events for next year. There are the old favourites which we all love and are well attended, but there is so much scope for more. Please let me have your ideas or suggestions as to what we could do.

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