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Uploading Images

The simplest way to upload images is using wetransfer or transfernow or similar.

WeTransfer TransferNow

They have similar processes and work well on desktops, tablets and phone.

Both ask for an email address to which you send the files. For WFTR it should be social at or barry at

For the title please use the name of the event (makes it easier for Barry to archive).

Things to consider

  1. The images don’t need to be any wider than 1200px. Resizing the images will massively reduce the zipped file size
  2. Both Windows and MacOS have bulk file renaming functions. If you can do this it makes identifying the images much easier.
  3. Captions help. If you have some descriptions for the images add a text file to the zip to help when uploading to the WFTR gallery.


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