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Goodbye to Ireland

Éire Turas 2017

Day one of the epic run to Éire begins.

Tim and Avis, Mike and Lynda, Jeff, Lesley and Tim, Kevin and Pat, Dave and Breda, Graham and Michelle, Nick and Pip all congregated at Hartley Witney ready for the off

Day 1 – Hartley Witney to Pembroke (255 miles)

Organised by Jeff and Lesley we left Hartley Witney and headed for Basingstoke, Newbury, Marlborough, Chippenham, Bristol, Usk, Sennybridge, a detour to Swansea, Camarthen and Pembroke.

Pre-flight briefing from Jeff then it’s off we go!

…to Basingstoke…

…and Dave’s search for a 1/4″ UNF screw

But at least it was nice and sunny

Tea break at Marlborough..

…in St. Peters Church

Shifty looking Kev walking away with the spare parts

B&Q – the romantic rest stop

Approaching the Severn Bridge

Crossing the Bridge

Welcome to Wales

Day 2 – Pembroke to Rosslare (8 miles)

Overnight in the Cleddau Bridge Hotel where we met Roger and Sue and Barry and Jenny. Then hanging around waiting for the Ferry and trying to find a Garage that sells super unleaded.

Lids up. A soggy row of TRs

Stunning views of the estuary

The Irish Sea

On the ferry

Manning’s Emporium – arriving just as it closed

Kilrane Inn Pub – The first (and last) pub in Ireland

Day 3 – Rosslare to Sneem (214 miles)

A journey organised by Tim and Avis that took us from Rosslare to the Ballyhack Ferry, Tramore, Bridge Terries, the Cousane Gap, Bantry, Caha Gap, Kenmare and the Sneem Hotel.

Waiting for the Ballyhack Ferry

The Ballyhack Ferry

All aboard…

…in under 5 minutes

The Atlantic Ocean as seen from Tramore

Tramore sea front

Lynda and Pip enjoying the bracing breeze

Boatstrand on the Copper Coast

Through the tunnel – making lots of noise

Through the Arches

Bowling along

Arrival in Sneem

Evening scoff at the hotel. The economy table

The first class table

Day 4 – The Ring of Kerry (118 miles)

A run round the Ring of Kerry (organised by Nick and Pip). Starting at Sneem we travelled to Waterville, Skellig (for Chocolate and Star Wars), Glencar, the Gap of Dunloe and back to Sneem

Breakfast in Sneem

The Wild Atlantic Way

The Atlantic Ocean

Skellig Michael

Chocolaty sunshine

The chocolate factory

Mike and Lynda in Skellig

Ballaghisheen Pass

Lunch at Moriarty’s

Closer to Moriarty’s

Entering the Dunloe Gap

Looking up to the Dunloe Gap

Coming up the gap

The Wishing Bridge

Dave on the lookout for the rally stage

Augher Lake

Heading for Black Valley

Day 5 – The Dingle Peninsula (110 miles)

A revised and adjusted run organised by Graham and Michelle we heading north from Sneem to the Ballaghbeama Pass, Killgorlin, Milltown, Castlemaine, Inch Beach, Killarney, Ladies View, Molls Gap and back to Sneem.

Arriving at the Ballaghbeama Gap

837 feet above sea level

I’m very comfy in here thank you

Uninterested spectators

Heading down the mountain towards Glencar

On the beach at Inch

More on the beach at Inch

3 miles of sandy beach

Michelle and Pat testing the water

Words fail me

Dave playing with a kite

The t-shirt show

Back again

Ice cream at Ladies View

Ladies View

An American carburettor man

Molls Gap

Tim and Avis return to the Gap of Dunloe

Tim and Avis discover a cart track

The run down the R568 to Sneem

Video Montage

Day 6 – Day Trip to Tramore and wandering round Sneem (0 miles)

Nick at the Gym

The bustling and busy port of Sneem

The hotel from the south

The Pyramid garden

Arty interior shot

Lynda, Pip and Nick worshiping the sun gods

Mike and Lynda

The Hotel Dog

Video Montage

Day 7 – Going Home (240 miles)

Early in the morning

The WF Crew

Saying Goodbye

9 of 10 awaiting the run home

Molly Gallivan’s

The Caha Pass

The last meal: Dave, Roger, Jeff, Tim, Lesley, Sue and Breda

Avis, Tim, Pip, Nick and Lynda

Barry, Nick, Jenny, Graham, Michelle, Kevin and a bit of Pat

Video Montage

Day 8 – Back in the UK (222 miles)

Everyone got back home safely. Reported faults:

Nick and Pip – no overdrive
Jeff and Lesley – no drive at all
Graham and Michelle – no horn
Dave and Breda – no oil (for want of a 1/4″ UNF screw)

Total distance: 1170 miles

  1. Dave Larnder on 10 Sep 2017:

    Very good photography especially on the ferry, and an excellent tour. I have not heard the term scoff when referred to food, since living in S. Africa.

    Reply to Dave Larnder

  2. Dave Hankin on 21 Oct 2017:

    Very good cross section of photos telling the story of the great trip that it was. Thanks Tim & Avis.
    Does anyone know who took the shot of my TR4 on Day 4 Ring of Kerry with the wonderful back drop with the title “Dave looking for the rally stage” I would love to have a copy.

    Reply to Dave Hankin

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