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2021 Cream Tea Run

The 8th cream tea run. Turning up and taking tea were Barry & Jenny, Darren, Laurence and Suzanne, Mike & Lynda, Cliff and Coral, James & Trisha, Chris and Steve, Richard , Nick and Pip, Robin, Jeff, Lesley and Tim, Jeff and Julie, Jenny, Ollie and Aurora all hosted by Michelle and Graham.

This year’s run took our intrepid adventurers to a number of blue and one turquoise plaques.

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The advance party prepares their campaign strategy
Ollie trying to find high-waist jeans.
Lined up ready to roll
Pointing man impressed by the Scottish dancing demonstration
The A team waits for Darren to finish posing
Little and large
Sunday cricket
Lunch stop
Laurence begging for a scone
Graham pointing and Aurora checks her hair is still attached
Everyone watches Robin cut a scone
Tim wondering if a sixth scone was a bit too much
Pip ensures everyone is properly fed and watered
What cream tea?

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