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Cranleigh Car Show

Chatham Historic Dockyard

A superb day out at Chatham historic Dockyard organised by Dave and Linda with free detours. Along for the were: Graham and Michelle, Jeff, Lesley & Tim Roberts, Mike and Lynda, Andy Page, David, Steve & Andrew Moss, Kevin, Bruce and Andrew, James and Trisha Duckworth, Alan Jones

Steve not sure of the instructions, Dave offers advice

All on my own…

Aha, here they all come

Jeff watches James and Chris arrive in the warm

The tail enders

Everyone gone for a comfort break

Back from a comfort break

Bonnet up (again). This is getting to be a habit Dave

A line of Triumphs plus an interloper

A bunch of backsides

A TR2 toolkit?

One of many superb models

A bit of a pontoon

I donated toys to help to buy one these!

A wonderful RNLI boat

The ship under the floor – HMS Namur

Still here – but all alone

A view from the bridge

James attempting to dislodge the anchor

HMS Gannet

A chunky cannon

The brakes

It’s those cars again!

The clock tower under attack by a hook

Steve pointing out the wheels while balancing on one foot

Not Thomas


Graham waiting to make rope

Graham making rope…

…with Kevin (who got himself a new girlfriend)

Kevin’s new lady friend

Dave helping to make rope

Dave chatting up Kevin’s girly


The rope loft – 1/4 mile long!


Michelle taking advice from Chris. Trish ignores everyone

Dave considers installing new crankshaft in his 3A

HMS Cavalier

HMS Ocelot

James considers a swim. Andy considers not

Inside HMS Ocelot – Dave is still vibrating

A hole

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