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Cranleigh Car Show

Beating the Bounds

After a looooong delay we finally got to beat the bounds of the WTFR catechment.

Starting out from Eggars Hill were: Darren White, Barry and Jenny, Mike and Lynda , David Barham, Steven & Nikki Polden, Avis and Tim, James & Trisha, Graham and Michelle, Richard & Alison, David & Jan, Robin, Kevin and Pat

All went well until an accident on the M25 scuppered out plans to cover the eastern border. But everyone made it back to the Deers Hut in Liphook for an excellent Sunday lunch.

Tea and biscuits to begin the day
Halfway at Dobbies in Hare Hatch
The Deer Hut
And from the left
Dinner for six
Luncheon for four
A repast for six more

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