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RAF Benson

A Relaxed Run

Some of the team managed to follow the route. Others took a more casual approach to the directions.

Thanks to Mike and Lynda for organising. Also in attendance were: Christoph and Jenny, Jeff, Lesley and Tim, Graham and Michelle, Dave and Linda, Nick, Roger and Nick, Andy, Kevin and Pat, Barry and Jenny, Tim and Avis, Lawrence and Suzanne and Mike and Marilyn.

A rainy start. Mostly TRs. The rest managed to break their cars.
Weald and Downland Museum. Second breakfasts for many.
Barry explaining cake consumption techniques to Andy. Lynda looks on bemused.
Mike wishes he was also wearing a hat. Lynda steals a phone off the table.
Lawrence collecting trays
Arrival at the Princess Royal. Jeff contemplating doing a bit of country dancing.
Everyone waiting for Mike to finish his starter
Suzanne checking her label isn’t sticking out
Kevin doing a Thunderbirds impression. Michelle fails to grasp her straw.
The whole team except one.
A view from the other side
More cars in the carpark

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