MSA Statement

To comply with the requirements of the Motor Vehicles (Competition and Trial) Regulations 1969 the following will apply to this Windsor Forest TR Group run.

  1. The run is non-competitive, has no merit, and does not involve any performance or timing tests. It is purely for social and leisure purposes.
  2. There is no requirement to adhere to the suggested route or to follow the actions of other participants while driving, stationary, or otherwise. You are required to drive with due care and attention at all times and abide by the Highway Code. Avoid convoys and leave sufficient gaps for other road users.
  3. If, at any time you are unsure about the condition of the road, your competence or the ability of you or your car to safely deal with the conditions that you encounter, then you are advised to abort this run. You are responsible for your own actions and as such no claim for loss of any kind will be considered against the creator of the suggested route.
  4. By participating in this run you do so at your own risk. Every driver must have current driving licence, vehicle insurance and MoT as required by law.

The Windsor Forest TR Group is part of the TR Register Car Club.