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The Triumph TR6 was a British six-cylinder sports car and the best-seller of the TR range built by Triumph when production ended in July 1976. This record was then surpassed by the TR7. During a production run from 1969 to 1976 94,619 TR6s were built, of which 86,249 found homes overseas, only 8,370 being sold in the UK.

The bodywork closely resembled that of the previous model, but the front and back ends were squared off, reportedly based on a consultancy contract involving Karmann.

All TR6 sports cars featured inline six-cylinder engines. For the US market the engine was carburetted, as had been the US-only TR250 model’s engine. For other world markets, including the United Kingdom, the TR6 was fuel-injected, therefore TR6PI (petrol injection), as had been the non-US market TR5. The Lucas mechanical fuel injection system helped the home-market TR6 produce 150 bhp (112 kW) at model introduction. Later the non-US TR6 variant was detuned to 125 hp (93 kW) in order for it to be easier to drive, while the US-variant continued to be carburetted with a mere (but more reliable) 104 hp (78 kW).

The TR6 featured a four speed manual transmission. An optional equipment overdrive unit was a desirable feature because it gave drivers close-gearing for aggressive driving, yet “long legs” for open motorways. TR6 also featured independent rear suspension, rack and pinion steering, fifteen inch wheels and tyres, pile carpet on floors and in boot, bucket seats, and a full complement of instrumentation. Braking was accomplished by disc brakes in the front; drum brakes in the rear. A factory steel hard top was optional. TR6 construction was fundamentally old-fashioned: the body was bolted onto a frame instead of the two being integrated into a unibody structure; the TR6 dashboard was wooden (plywood w/ veneer).

Performance: 0-60mph: 8.2 seconds; Top Speed 120mph

Production History

YearChassis Numbers
1969CC25000 to CC32141
1970CC50001 >>
1971>> to CC67893
1972CC75001 to CC85737
1973CF1U —– to CF12500U
1974CF12501U to CF25777U
1974CF27001U to CF35000U
1975CF35001U to CF39991U
1976CF50001U to CF58328U


  • 19 October, first prototype TR6 CP25001.
  • Karmann restyles body, using main substructure of the TR4/250
  • 5 1/2″ wheels replace the 5″ version of TR4a
  • Provision made for front anti-roll bar.
  • Twin carbs in the USA, PI in the UK.
  • CP25003, first carb TR6 on record, build 19 October
  • Rostyle wheel covers standard.


  • First year of production
  • TR4 type 16P brake caliper replaced with 16B type.
  • Black spoked steering wheel with pierced holes.
  • Chromed valve cover.
  • Windshield surround in body color.
  • Laycock de Normanville A-type overdrive carried over with TR250 gearbox.
  • Rostyle wheel covers standard to CC50000.
  • Seats feature “breathing material”.


  • New disc wheel with 15 hole pattern.
  • Painted valve cover replaces chromed version.
  • New inlet manifold on carb cars.
  • Steering lock introduced on export cars.
  • Ignition switch moved from dash to under column.
  • Windshield surround now black regardless of body color.
  • 72 spoke wire wheels still offered although they receive little mention.
  • New steering wheel with silver anodized spokes replaces black spoked wheel.


  • Stag type gearbox parts used.
  • 7 blade fan replaces 8 blade at CP52420.
  • Square reflectors under tail lamps (U.S.A only)


  • Compression dropped from 8.5:1 to 7.75:1.
  • New exhaust system. Twin exhaust downpipe for carb cars.
  • Gas tank capacity reduced to 10.25 gallons.
  • Rear springs and wishbones brackets uprated late 1971.
  • Grease nipple on propshaft deleted.
  • Brake caliper changed again, now incorporate metric threads.


  • Major USA. restyle.
  • Black plastic air dam introduced.
  • J-type overdrive introduced; overdrive on 3rd and 4th only.
  • New steering wheel and instruments including “inverted” small gauges.
  • Union Jack decal replaces TR6 logo on rear valence.
  • Air intake flap on cowl replaced with plastic grill.
  • Voltmeter replaces ammeter.
  • Commission plate moved to left hand doorpost.
  • Wire wheel option ends in May.
  • Flat black wiper arms replace chromed versions.


  • New interior trim includes center door pull.
  • Chestnut and Beige trim offered in fire-resistant material.
  • Full tonneau cover now standard.


  • Rubber bumper overiders introduced to USA market to meet federal regulations.
  • Front bumper raised.
  • Amber/white indicator lamps moved under bumper.
  • Air injection system introduced.


  • Triumph styled hardtop continues to sell well until end of production.
  • Last PI TR6 built on 7 February
  • Front indicator lenses amber.
  • Last TR6 built 15 July (CF58328).
  • Some 1976 TR6s were sold in 1977 and may be registered as such.


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