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Goodbye to Ireland

Isle of Wight Weekend

A brilliantly organised run by Barry and Jenny and Laurence and Suzanne which was blessed with superb weather

Nine TRs and one Mercedes SL assembled at Hog’s Back Services

Barry briefs the drivers and navigators about the route to Portsmouth.  Pay attention, Jeff!

Sounding glorious in the Hindhead tunnel!

In the queue waiting to board.  Two days of classic car shows on the island, so not your normal ferry load.

Boarding the ferry.

Heading out of Fishbourne, just before Steve got lost – he only included this shot so you can admire the shine on his bonnet!

First stop,  at a vineyard for lunch.

Parked up at the vineyard

And, of course, a little tasting.

They don’t just make and sell wine – Gin, cider, liqueurs, all had to be sampled

Nice of them to name a grape in our honour, and in French for Christophe’s sake!

Then off to Culver Down to take in the magnificent views

Hold on to this for a moment Dave…..

……half an hour later!

Suzanne giving helpful tips on kite-flying? Barry experimenting with an airborne GoPro camera.

Moored at the back of our hotel was HMS Motor Fishing Vessel 119, which went to Omaha beach on D-day with an American crew.

At the Bargeman’s Rest a short walk from the hotel overlooking Newport Harbour Quay

Where we met up with ‘Pinky’ White (GL of the Wight group) and his wife.

Next morning, tops down and tonneaus off for a drive to St. Boniface Down (highest point on the island).

Barry had set us a cryptic quiz during the drive with the results to be announced at Dinner that night.

Graham’s entry for the Countryfile wildlife photographer of the year

Mid-morning stop at a shop on the Military Road that sells pearls and chocolate (and had a good café).

And a nice view (of the coast not of Dave and Linda!).

No mistaking Osborne House.

Table laid for 20 but unfortunately not for us!  We were booked into Prezzo’s later.

Al fresco lunch

Despite being right next to the hotel, some people didn’t get to see much of the show, as many cars were leaving as we got back from Osborne –  TR4 from the Wight group

Christophe’s friend Richard recognised these as very rare Invicta S1 noughties supercars – there were 5 of them!

At Prezzo’s that night, we got to find out who had won the coveted rosettes for Barry’s quiz – proud winners Terry and Helen.

In case of a tie, Barry had brought along a ‘mystery object’.  Our esteemed Group Leader tries his hand (it was a drill).

On Sunday, most people opted for another run led by Pinky White using local knowledge.

As they were at the seaside, Michelle couldn’t resist a quick paddle.

Steve, Chris, Terry and Helen opted for a visit to Carisbrooke Castle complete with a demo of their unique donkey wheel.

Then all reassembled at The Breeze restaurant for lunch

Pinky popped by to say goodbye and was thanked by Jeff

The Paddle Steamer Ryde looks like its paddling days are over!

Barry abandoned kites and used  more conventional stairs for his aerial shots

A theme seemed to be developing amongst some of the group – are stripes particularly in fashion this season?

Yesterday’s quiz winners still seem proud of their achievement.

Queuing up for the ferry again

Graham is in pole, Steve is second and Christophe is third.  Slightly lairy but immaculate Mk1 Escort is fourth.  Moderns don’t count.

After a gruelling 25 minutes at sea, it was good to see land again.

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