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Tour of Scottish Highlands – Postponed to 2022

29 April 2021  -  10 May 2021

A TR tour of the Scottish HIghland's and the Isle's of Skye and Mull

Organised by: Mike Heelis and Tim Bartholomew

We now have 5 cars and 9 Group members registered and booked to tour the Scottish Highland's and the Isle's of Skye and Mull.     We will be driving up to Scotland in our TR's with stopovers at Peebles, Inverness, Betty Hill, Ullapool, Isle of Skye, Isle of Mull, Loch Lomond and Carlisle on return.  This will be a long and exciting tour which we are all looking forward to.  Registration is still open as we have a place for one more car with a passenger.  Accommodation is currently available to take on with other participants if you would like to join us.  

Look who's coming: Mike and Lynda, Tim and Avis, Jeff, Lesley and Tim Roberts, David Hankin, Andy McLaren

There are 10 people coming.

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  1. Mike on 04 Mar 2020:

    Thanks David.

    Reply to Mike

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