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Farnham Festival of Transport

4 Jun 2023

Every year, over 150 motor vehicles ranging from ancient veteran cars dating from the turn of the last century to vintage motorbikes, military vehicles and modern supercars gather in the Upper Hart Car Park, Farnham to provide what is, in effect, a parade of motoring through the ages. Hundreds of people come to see these beautiful machines and the best vehicle in every age category is awarded a prize.

This is not just a static show, however. To celebrate the end of the event the cars go on a tour around the town and out into the country, giving them a chance to show off their paces. It is also an opportunity for more people to enjoy the sight of these beautiful vehicles.


A registration form has been included if members want to travel and arrive together.

Venue: Upper Hart Car Park (Visit Website)

Location: Farnham, GU9 7HD (Go to map)

Cost: £10 (includes Bacon Roll)

plus processing fee

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