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Classic Car Sundays

5 Jun 2022

On average over 220 classic cars turn up at Classic Car Sunday events, you cannot afford to miss these laid-back meets. All classic cars and their owners are welcome and it takes place on the first Sunday of each month throughout the spring and summer, starting from 2.00pm. Ample parking, food and facilities are available.

Venue: The Departure Lounge Cafe (Visit Website)

Location: Basingstoke Road, Alton GU34 4BH (Go to map)

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  1. Andy Ward on 03 Jun 2022:

    Hi there,
    I’m planning to visit the meet on Sunday. While, not classic, I wondered if I could park mine on show? When I visited previously, there were some modern Camaro’s on display.
    I drive a C43 AMG.

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    • Barry on 04 Jun 2022:

      Hi Andy
      I have just checked the website and it says that ‘Our events are open to all owners of pre 1995 classic cars’. I believe they also allow newer muscle type cars as well, 400bhp +

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